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Finite-Element-Method (FEM)

Research and Development at HOSCH

No break for the forge of ideas:

In order to comply with their own claim to be the technical world market leader, HOSCH put a lot of work in ample research and development. In the headquarters, a team of a minimum of four is permanently busy with innovations. Using the latest simulation and calculation methods the engineers develop new products and seek to continuously improve the existing technology.

In the HOSCH-owned experimental laboratory, there are two conveyor belt systems available at which the innovations are tested for the subsequent field trial, exposing them to the severest conditions. A high-speed camera of the latest generation helps to analyse in detail the complex relationships between scraper and conveyor belt so as to finally optimize the systems.

Would you like to improve your equipment through a high-speed analysis? Please get in touch with us - we look forward to supporting you.


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