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HOSCH - Analysis of Economic Efficiency

Scrapers are mere accessories? No!

Conveyor belt systems transporting sticky, strong adhesive materials present a huge challenge to conveyor belt cleaning systems.

From the very beginning, HOSCH has always considered conveyor belt cleaning systems as capital equipment, as they can reduce the operating costs of a plant considerably by reducing:

  • the cleaning costs.
  • the loss of material.
  • the wear of other components.
  • abnormal plant conditions, such as mistracking of the belt.

In order to prove this, HOSCH has developed an individual comparative measuring method by which the performance of different systems is measured and their economic efficiency analysed on the basis of various parameters. For plant operators, this means they are on the safe side when making investments.

Meanwhile, HOSCH has carried out hundreds of performance measurement tests worldwide and found that the number of operators choosing this method is increasing. HOSCH is the only supplier of conveyor belt cleaning systems around the globe who does not shy away from such a strict comparison.


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