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HOSCH Sprung Blade Scraper Type C

The new dimension smaller, lightweight - but intelligent technology.

The patented C series, which was launched into the market from 1991 to 1996, offers the best possible cleaning efficiency due to its intelligent technology. This could be proven in hundreds of comparative measurements worldwide.

The HOSCH Sprung Blade Scrapers Type C are characterized by the following features:

  • Due to the patented automatic adjustment, the modules independently adapt themselves to any belt or pulley surface. This is the key to the extraordinary cleaning efficiency.
  • Individual modules with mounting elements which reduce service to a minimum.
  • The standard parts from the construction kit can be combined in any way, according to your requirements.
  • On site the systems can be adapted to any type of scaffolding construction.

Survey and Product Information in a Comparative Table

Belt width (mm)300-1000600-24001400-2400 *C3L
2600-3200 *C3H
600-1200 *CT2
1300-2000 *CT3
1400-2000 *C4L
2200-3200 *C4H
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 2,5max. 4,5max. 7,5max. 3,5max. 7,5
Reversible operation√ with disengaging device
ASV-h (hydraulic) / ASV-p (pneumatic) / ASV-e (electric)

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