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HOSCH Tracker Roller Systems Types R/RG/RC/RRC

In conveyor belt systems, a variety of different reasons often leads to unforeseen mistracking of the belt.

This often results in a complete shutdown of the plant or damage to the conveyor belt and to other component parts. HOSCH offers a wide range of tracker roller systems for all belt widths and belt speeds of up to 6 m/s, for the return belt as well as for the troughed carrying side of the conveyor belt.

We can work with you to get rid of this annoying and expensive problem forever!

Survey and Product Information for tracker rollers (Return run)

Belt width (mm)400-1000 (R1)
1000-1600 (RG1)
400-1000 (RR1)
1000-1600 (RRG1)
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 3,5max. 3,5
Reversible operation 

Survey and Product Information for tracker roller stations (Return run)

Belt width (mm)1200-24001200-1600 (RC2)
1800-2400 (RC3)
1200-1600 (RRC2)
1800-2400 (RRC3)
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 6,0max. 6,0max. 6,0
Reversible operation  

Survey and Product Information for tracker roller stations (Top run)

Belt width (mm)800-1400 (RRC2-v)
1600-2000 (RRC3-v)
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 6,0
Reversible operation

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