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The Company Philosophy of HOSCH

Worldwide advance in knowledge - underpinned scientifically.

The problem: When bulk material is transported on conveyor belt systems, the fines of bulk material stick to the returning belt due to adhesive properties at the discharge point. This leads to piles of material in the plant, which not only mean additional work for the operator, but also additional costs.

The solution: Since the foundation of the company in 1975, HOSCH has mainly been concerned with the development, production and sales of highly efficient conveyor belt cleaning systems which reduce the costs for the operator and considerably increase the efficiency of the plant.

Conveyor belt cleaning is a very complex topic and a challenge which HOSCH has taken up from the very start with an extremely high investment in personnel and equipment. Concentrating on such a specialized technical task, we have acquired expertise in the field over the course of years. This has been achieved in co-operation with leading institutes in bulk material handling. The research and evidence has meant a considerable advance in knowledge for us.

For that reason, due to the wealth of experience gathered, HOSCH is considered the expert worldwide in all matters of conveyor belt cleaning. We consider ourselves to be qualified advisers to our customers. Our specialists are able to offer the best possible solution to the operators of the plants with our method and our technology.


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