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HOSCH Sprung Blade Scraper Type B6

Reliable technology gone through a dynamic development process.

This scraper, which has been in the market since 1986, still has its supporters and is the best choice for certain applications, e.g. with difficult belt conditions or badly constructed chutes. We have, of course, improved this scraper from its original design and integrated it into the modular kit system of the C series.

  • Extremely wear-resistant blades with tungsten-carbide tips for any kind of bulk material and all belt speeds.
  • Best-in-class possible cleaning efficiency.
  • Single-row scraper, the tungsten carbide tipped blades of which can be adjusted individually to the belt surface.

Survey and Product Information in a Comparative Table

Belt width (mm)400-800650-3200
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 3,0max. 6,0
Reversible operation

* yes, version with short elements and V-blades (240 mm)

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