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HOSCH Sprung Blade Scraper Type D

Increased uptime, reduced number of personnel

Increased uptime to meet production targets and output demands with a reduced number of personnel is an absolute must for today's operators of conveyor belt systems worldwide. Therefore they all require scrapers that are simple and user-friendly and achieve maximum cleaning efficiency.

HOSCH has taken up this challenge, as the internationally recognized specialist in scrapers with a unique performance, and have developed the scraper type D2.

The HOSCH scraper type D2 will considerably increase the productivity of your conveyor system:

  • Reduce the cleaning and operating costs as well as unnecessary downtime through the unique scraper performance.
  • Shorten the installation and service times through the ease of the scraper's operation.
  • Increase the service intervals through the exceptional lifetime of the components.

With the scraper type D2, HOSCH have defined the future of scraper technology.

Survey and Product Information in a Comparative Table

Belt width (mm)500-16001400-2000
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 4,5max. 5,5
Reversible operation√ with disengaging device ASV-e (electric)

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