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HOSCH Head Pulley Scraper Type HD

A great innovative advance in primary scraper technology to be used on discharge or head pulleys.

Conveyor belt systems transporting extremely sticky, muddy or difficult material presents a big challenge to belt cleaning equipment.

For these special operating conditions HOSCH has developed the Head Pulley scraper type HD which protects your conveyor belt systems and significantly alleviates the operation.

  • Extremely robust scraper system that is installed at the 3 o'clock position on the pulley.
  • Suitable even for the most difficult bulk material.
  • Can also be used on belts with mechanical splices (HD01).
  • Tungsten carbide tipped cleaning blades provide efficient cleaning and a very long life.
  • No further adjustment is required until the blades are worn. The system is almost maintenance free.
  • Easy installation on any kind of discharge or head pulley.

Survey and Product Information in a Comparative Table

Belt width (mm)500-10001200-16001000-16001800-24001800-2400
Belt speed (m/sec)max. 2,5max. 3,5max. 4,5max. 4,5max. 7,5
Reversible operation

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