HOSCH Scraper Type D

Technologically advanced - magnificent in both handling and safety

Increased uptime to meet production targets and output demands with a reduced number of personnel is an absolute must for today’s operators of conveyor belt systems worldwide. Therefore they all require scrapers that are simple and user-friendly and achieve maximum cleaning efficiency.

HOSCH has taken up this challenge, as the internationally recognized specialist in scrapers with a unique performance, and has developed the scraper type D2.

The HOSCH scraper type D2 will substantially increase the productivity of your conveyor system:

 Reduce the cleaning and operating costs as well as unnecessary plant downtimes thanks to the unique scraper performance of the scraper. This means that technicians no longer have to enter the chute during maintenance of the scraper.

 Shorten installation and maintenance times, thanks to the extremely simple handling of the scraper.

Lengthen the maintenance intervals, thanks to the exceptional service life of the components.

With the scraper type D2, HOSCH has defined the future of scraper technology.

Overview and Product Information

Data/Type D2 D3
Belt width (mm) 500 - 1600 1400 - 2000
Belt speed (m/s) max. 4.5 max. 5.5
Reversible operation; yes, in special version

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