Working at HOSCH

HOSCH goes future

Together, we develop our projects across countries and continents with a lot of passion and commitment from all employees. Despite very different national conditions and mentalities among employees and customers, as well as the most diverse cultural backgrounds, our goals can be broken down to a common denominator: As a family business, we stand up for our employees and customers as well as for our products and our service. We believe that we produce the best scraper and offer the best possible service around the conveyor belt. We listen to our customers and want to anticipate their needs. To this end, we develop new solutions and individually adapt tried and tested ones. We are globally present for our customers with our own dynamic, hands-on HOSCH employees. We look confidently to the future, in which we want to continue to grow sustainably.

Nine good reasons for working at HOSCH

HOSCH Fortbildungen


You need some support?

Giving support is part of HOSCH. We are particularly proud of our internal training department. Here, employees as well as customers learn how to use our products. To ensure that you are always up to date in the world of IT, our IT department regularly offers internal training courses. Language courses as well as external job-related training complete our offer. You are new at HOSCH? We will never leave you alone. You will have your mentor at the start of your career in our company, who will slowly introduce you to the job requirements and will be by your side.

HOSCH international


Curious to know more about the world?

HOSCH is a globally active company. Many employees in the company are in constant exchange with their colleagues abroad. They do this personally on site during stays abroad as well as via various communication media. Understanding the respective national language is very useful for this, makes communication easier and is always a personal gain. Take a language course at our expense and benefit from great international diversity.

HOSCH work-life-balance


Family? Friends? Leisure activities?

No more time for things that are important to you other than work? We can proudly say that this is different at HOSCH. The satisfaction of our employees is a top priority for us. We see the compatibility of family and work as an important factor for long-lasting cooperation. Adjusting working hours in case of changes in life or offering home office – we are flexible so that you can be flexible. However, there is more to it than that: a family atmosphere among each other and some friendly interaction also make working at HOSCH a pleasant experience.

HOSCH Firmenevents

Company events

Hi, do you also work here?

Social events offer a good opportunity to get to know others better. We organise some company events in the summer and in the winter on a regular basis. The HOSCH Christmas party, well attended by our employees, has a long tradition. Getting together after some sporting events, such as company runs, is also a popular way of socialising at HOSCH. Furthermore, we organise in-house trade fairs on our company premises at regular intervals. Many employees are involved in the preparations in order to offer customers an experience they will never forget.



Marathon or half marathon?

There is no need to worry. Not everyone who works for HOSCH has to run a marathon. However, we do consider sport and physical exercise as an important factor for maintaining our health and therefore encourage sporting commitment, on a voluntary basis of course. We do, for instance, take part in company runs together and support employees who are active in clubs. Therefore, we act as a shirt sponsor for various sports clubs in our area and raffle off sets of shirts at company events for clubs in which our employees are active.

HOSCH Arbeitsplatz


You’d fancy a good team?

Working at HOSCH means not having to worry about your job. The majority of our employees have been with the company for 10 years or more. Our workplaces are characterised by individual responsibility and interdepartmental teamwork. Flat hierarchies in the company let us communicate at eye level with superiors and create a pleasant working atmosphere throughout the company. Modern ergonomic equipment at the workplace is standard. In Recklinghausen, for example, you can spend your break together with other employees in a newly designed, very beautiful inner courtyard. Every employee in the company also has a parking space at his or her disposal.

HOSCH Gesundheit


Apple or pear?

The health of our employees is very important to us. Healthy food is an important part of a healthy life. Each department can look forward to a weekly basket of fresh fruit and delicious vegetables. Company runs offer everyone the opportunity to engage in sporting activities together. Once a year, a health day is held at the company headquarters in Recklinghausen, where there is the possibility of a medical health check. Of course, we fulfil our legal duty as an employer in carrying out all occupational medical examinations. You have taken a longer break? After a long illness or pregnancy, we offer you some occupational integration management. Together we draw up a plan on how to re-integrate your work into your life again.

HOSCH news

Employee magazine

Is that you?

Anyone can do social media. In contrast, our company magazine HOSCH news is published in print twice a year and contains interesting stories from the company. Whether it’s interviews with employees, the latest developments or important news: everything important in the context of our company can be found here. For instance, there are stories about our subsidiaries all over the world, about new projects and what opportunities they offer. Research and development, administration, sales, service and maintenance, management considerations: all departments are represented in the HOSCH news. Distributed worldwide, our magazine enjoys great popularity everywhere.

HOSCH Sonderleistungen

Special services

What about the future?

We offer our employees various options for retirement provision. We can discuss which type of provision best suits your needs. Furthermore, we pay out bonuses to our employees on anniversaries. Simply as a thank you for many years of service and loyalty to the company. We are always interested in overcoming small challenges: You have to bring your dog to work for a certain while? Maybe no problem, you just have to talk about it. You need materials for private use, e.g. screws, drills, stainless steel, which HOSCH can obtain much cheaper than you can on your own? Why not? Just ask.

We are working on implementing all these points in all our branch offices. But we ask for your understanding if not every point is implemented everywhere yet. Please inform yourself about the current standards in our more than 20 locations worldwide when applying for a job there.