HOSCH Pre-Scraper Type HD-PU

Highest productivity with a low personnel level

Today increased uptime to meet production targets and output demands with a reduced number of personnel is an absolute must for operators of conveyor belt systems worldwide. Therefore they all require scrapers that are simple and user-friendly and achieve maximum cleaning efficiency.

In case the main scraper cannot cope with the thickness of the material sticking to the belt surface, a so-called pre-scraper has to be installed.

HOSCH has taken up this challenge and developed the HOSCH pre-scraper type HD-PU with the following main features:

/  Very simple handling for easy installation and easy maintenance

/  Very cost-effective

/  High economic efficiency in combination with the HOSCH main scrapers.

In combination with the HOSCH main scrapers, which have a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed efficiency, the HOSCH pre-scraper type HD-PU reduces cleaning and operating costs as well as unnecessary downtime.

Overview and Product Information

Data/Type HD-PU-L HD-PU-L2
Belt width (mm) 600 - 2400 1600 - 3200
Belt speed (m/s) max. 5.5 max. 7.5
Reversible operation

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